Im working on a game and I want to identify pickups based on their names, is there a substring function so I can get a string of the other string from point a to point b?


Yes, there’s a method Substring. (also, Substring with one argument)


print("foo bar".Substring(2, 4));

will output:

o ba

There are lots of useful C# stuff you can do with strings such as:

yourString.Substring(int startIndex, int length)

string str = null;
string retString = null;
str = “This is substring test”;
retString = str.Substring(8, 9);

retString willreturn word “substring”

C# substring code…


One of the best blogs I’ve read on this topic is here:

It performs benchmarks using several methods to see what the fastest way is to find a string within a string.

Excellent read if you’re into speed and micro-optimizing code.