Subtract milliseconds from 12 hours?

In my game there should be a timer which starts from 12:00 (hours). Now I want to subtract milliseconds from this timer. And when the timer is zero, then I want to show “Time ended!” I’m trying to do that with Timespan, but without success.

I find out, that I can show the milliseconds like that:

  print("timerString: "+ TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(609811));


  timerString: 00:10:09.8110000

This doesn’t help me a lot.

I need something like this:

11:58 (11 = hours, 59 = minutes)

00:23 (00 = hours, 23 = minutes)

00:00 (Time ended!)

If you are trying to format a TimeSpan, try this:

    print("timerString: " + new DateTime(TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(609811).Ticks).ToString("HH:mm:ss"));

Where “HH” is hours, “mm” is minutes, and “ss” is seconds. Get rid of the “:ss” if you just want “11:58”.