Subversion Conflicts - SVN

We begin to use Subversion, and there are many conflicts in the Library directory. We only added .asset files but many of them meet conflicts during commit and updates.

how to avoid it ?

Is it really important to commit .asset. ? the MonoManager for instance meet a conflict every time.

Thanks in advance

This should answer your question:

There's a lot of stuff in the Library folder that you shouldn't version.

Have you enabled "External Version Control Support"?

You'll find the setting under Edit -> Project Settings -> Editor.

Where is the External Version Control Support in Unity Pro iPhone Advanced? I see Edit -> Project Settings but not the -> Editor. I assume this is someplace else?

Also, following the above link (ExternalVersionControlSystemSupport.html) regarding the Library folder not being included: Well this (for me) results in Missing links in the Scene - that is, the assets will still be there but the Inspector shows the assets to be "Missing" and the links have to been entered again in many - but not all places (as if the cache/meta folder were holding some of the scene information in addition to the *.unity scene). Very weird stuff.

Basically, I am finding a lot of problems with svn and Unity - just my experience, for what it's worth.

So, I would love to hear from anyone else regarding solutions to this since the docs don't seem to be working in this area - at least for me.

Well if you wanted to resolve the conflicts, then check this out:

We version control everything in SVN, but SVN cannot merge binary files which makes things tricky. You'll have to rebuild stuff in some cases to manually merge work.