Suggested workaround OOP Design w/ Unity bugs ?

Ok, this is kinda bugging me lately in the regards that I can't use my standard OOP design techniques with unity. How do others deal with complicated class hiearchies with Unity 3 ?

As a concrete example I propose this weapon system:

I have a class called GunData, which holds info about a particular gun, fire rate, recoil, muzzle velocity, etc... Along with modifier data, shoulder state data, and secondary gun id's.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;

public class GunData
    public string Name = "Unnamed";

    public float FireRate = 0.05f;
    public float Recoil = 1.0f;

    public int GunID;
    public Transform GunMesh;
    public GunData ShoulderData;
    public GunType WeaponType = GunType.Bullet;
    public int SecondaryGunID;

    public GunAttachment[] AttachmentData;

    public enum GunType

The first bug I find is that when I have a 2nd class, like GunAttachment with a different enum but a variable with the same name, the editor is using the wrong enum definition for GunData.

As in this does not work:

public class GunAttachment 
    public GunData Modifier;
    public AttachmentType WeaponType;

    public enum AttachmentType

But renaming the variable WeaponType to SomethingElse lets it work completely even though the enums are completely different in different classes.

The 2nd issue I am finding is that I can't have a public reference to my own class. In this example the variable for ShoulderData does not show up in the inspector. My guess is that it would cause a stack blow out if unity creates memory for this, but I am intending it to be a reference to a GunData instance.

The real question I have is how do you design classes around this ? Do you make a 2nd class with all the same variables?

First, a question. Are you used to developing C# in the CLR or Mono? Because most of your problems seem to be caused by the different complier. Also, what version of Unity are you using? 3.0 has a Mono 2.6.7 (aka C# 3.5) compiler and runtime that may fix your problems. I am using Unity 3, and I cannot replicate issue 2, and #1 seems to be fine too.

Also, use a typeof test, rather than the inspector, to see what type the vaules are. The inspector is not a good debug tool.