Suggestion: Change Scene Lighting Settings in Inspector?

I recently updated from Unity 2020.1.0a13 to Unity 2020.1.0a15, and there are now "Lighting Settings" assets that get created for each of my scenes. This is awesome, cause we can now share Lighting Settings between scenes easier, so bravo for that!

However, I was wondering if it'd be possible to put a field for it in the Inspector (which is currently blank, when you select a Scene) as shown here:


It'd be super helpful, since we wouldn't have to open the scene to change the Lighting Settings, and we'd (theoretically) be able to easily set multiple scenes' Lighting Settings at the same time.

I forget if there's a better place to write suggestions/feedback to Unity, so if there is, let me know and I can move this post there (or keep it here too!). But anyway, I'd be super happy, since workflow improvements can be monumental :smile: thanks!


This sounds good. I didn’t know about the lighting settings change, but I’m a fan if it means more separation of concerns regarding files on disk in regards to version control systems. I also feel like scene assets are storing too much unrelated data, so splitting it makes sense to me. Editing via inspector on the associated scene file could make sense as well, if it will be the only related asset for the near future.

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Absolutely, well said! :)