Suggestion on how to handle hundreds of prefab in mobile app

Hi everyone. I developing an app that will have a list of characters and user need to choose a character to play the game. Assume I got 100 of character prefabs (3D model) , it mix and match from 10 body and 10 face texture (one body texture - ~200kb, one face texture -~ 30kb).

I planned to pack the character prefabs into asset bundle and put into server because I only want to download the character that user choose to play. Since it on mobile, so I try to avoid user to download unused file. And I might add more 3d character with different texture in the future.

My purpose to do this is to reduce the build size and only download necessary texture for user. Any suggestion on how should I handle the scenario like this? Should I create 100 asset bundles of prefab with texture? Or just include it into build?


Is the texture the only thing different between those prefabs? Because if so I would only create one prefab and just apply those textures dynamically based on what the player has chosen.

And those sizes are super small actually, just go on and include all those textures in the build. Right now it adds up to what, 3mb? It’s nothing. Unless you want to learn how to do the whole server download thing, then yeah, do that if you want. But still, download just the textures, one prefab should be enough