Sum position with animation

I want to record an animation which contains rotations and positions at the same time, but that values should play in localPoisiton. Think like; whenever I pressed a button it should sum or extract that rotate amount and position amount to my cube with behaving curve I ve set. hope I could explain it.

Hi @ZenardX2
This is really easy you should use code for this type of animations, there multiple ways to handle this and it is totally up to you and your previous codes but I can think of Three ways:

First is using Tweener (plugin or writing your own)
this is the best way to animate object that there is no need for checking on them every state and you want them with help of click and they’ll stop after their cycle is over. you can also give them ease, check for anim update calls, or anim completion calls , … .
check out this plugin:

Second one is by using update method but in this case, method will occurs every frame and you have to handle ease, completion of anim and all of that. as expensive as it’s looks sometimes this way is one of the best ways possible.
checkout this video: Simple Character Movement (Unity Tutorial for Beginners) - YouTube

Third one is also a common way of handling animations and it will be handled by ANIMATION WINDOW , this way is also checks the object every frame but you can handle completion calls and different type of Animation tricks with it, Expensive but it’s very easy to use. also you can handle state by state movement in ANIMATOR WINDOW.

checkout this video for (2D): 2D Animation in Unity (Tutorial) - YouTube

checkout this video for (3D): Move and Animate a 3rd Person Character in Unity3D - YouTube

hope this will help you and if you had any problem with starting these methods feel free to ask, cheers.