summing up items price in runtime


I have a script on each item with a float variable, to which I manually enter a price for the item (it is a float because it has cents in it = e.g 2.30 $$).
Upon entering the item to the cart, I want the script that is on the cart, to sum up the price numbers each time an item is entering the collider.

So I need the cart script to reference the item script, right? So I reference the float variable and place a sum method on the cart script that actually update the new sum each time the item enters the cart.
So I hold a new float variable “totalPrice” that will hold the sum of all the items price, right?

Can that be done?

The script that is on the collider will add the prices together.
The code will look something like this (snipped):

void totalPrice = 0;

void OnCollisionEnter(Collision collision)
	float price = collision.gameObject.GetComponent<YourItemScriptName> ().price; // the cost variable has to be public!
	totalPrice += price;
	Debug.Log (totalPrice);