Sunsetting - 15-June-2019

On 15 June, 2019, the website will be decommissioned.

We would like to thank you for your contributions to Unity translations - your participation and feedback is valuable to the improvement of our products and services for your regions.

Unity has migrated our translation workflow to new system that has been running for two years internally. Your contributions have been migrated to this platform, and none of your work has been lost.

The new platform is still under development, and has already been successful in facilitating and publishing translations in our current target languages, such as Chinese (Simplified\Traditional), Japanese, and Korean. We have successfully provided translations in these languages for our User Manual, Scripting Reference, and various application UI’s.

We believe quality and content coverage is critical in adding value to localized documentation. As a result, contributions will remain unpublished until we have a more scalable solution to complete and maintain these documents for our regional customers.

Your feedback and contribution is integral to the improvement of our translations. As such, we are implementing feedback tabs directly into our translated documentation. This will greatly improve your ability to easily provide your comments and concerns to Unity.

Thank you,

Thanks for the info; I didn’t even know that it existed… :slight_smile:

It’s already unreachable anyway:

I noticed it was down as well. Our team is investigating. It will be back online shortly. :-)

What for? It will be decommissioned anyway… :slight_smile:

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Perhaps this thread should be locked as further replies are seemingly not very useful?