Super dead-simple question - how do you create a new script?

I've searched under file-new, under create new object, it's not in any of the tutorials...I know it's super simple, just not seeing it.

Under the asset menu, create and then either javascript C#, or boo.

I swear that wasn't there before... No really. I have, er, a super-pre-release version that's buggy. Yea, that's it.

For the clueless that follow me, it's also under the create drop-down in the project window. Or right-click to get the create menu. It doesn't, however, work so well if you try to use the hierarchy window as the project window...

How random would it be to do a search for free javascripts on the net, and drop them into the unity engine. I think you can use java for a whole lot of things, right? so how specific does the script have to be -I guess it has to be 3d relevant right? Has anyone tried throwing random scripts at Unity and come up with anything off the wall?

I dropped an e-commerce javascript into unity and it actually did my laundry!

Must be a Pro-only feature. :P


Targos, we're just joking around.

To answer your question, (keeping in mind I'm neither a JS or Unity expert, not proficient even) in theory, a simple, generic one or two line script might possibly execute. The chances of it actually doing something fun and wonderful are even smaller. In practice, probably not ever, because most (all?) of the entities you'd want to manipulate are Unity specific. It's possible that some scripts or portions of scripts could be modified to work - perhaps a method that created a list of objects and did something with it, or somesuch?