Support for Apple Pay for Physical Goods?

Unityrecently supported IAP on vision pro, but that payment type takes a 30% cut. Is there a way I can have an option for Apple Pay for physical goods that doesn’t take the 30% cut? Some store links have a way to pay with apple pay if opened on phone.

Sorry to keep tagging you @mtschoen but is this possible? or would the only way be to route them to safari to do this. (Does embedding a browser work in this case?)

This feature is offered by Apple, rather than Unity. You may want to reference current instructions to offer Apple Pay. Noting the documentation, it seems like it has not been updated for visionOS. To that note, you can share your feedback with Apple directly via the feedback assistant.

Hm that’s strange because I definitely see it being used on various shopping apps. If this does actually work for AVP, how can I implement this in unity fully immersive?

In an ideal scenario, it shouldn’t be any different from implementing Apple Pay for any other application. That said this feature is supported by Apple, and I would recommend testing it out and sharing your feedback directly with them.

Hey there @softmango! To help clarify your question, is there an existing solution for Unity on iOS that you’re looking to use on visionOS, or are you asking about Unity + Apple Pay in general? As far as I can tell, neither Unity nor Apple provide any solutions for directly integrating with Apple Pay. All that I can find from Unity directly is this value in the PBXCapabilityType enum for indicating that your app uses Apple Pay in its project capabilities. As far as I know, this should work on visionOS just like it does on iOS. Anything further would likely come from a third party. Unless you have a question specifically about a Unity product like Unity IAP, general questions about app development on visionOS are out of scope for this forum.