Support for Func<T> and Action<T> delegate on Iphone micro mscorlib?

Does iOS micro mscorlib support Func<T> and Action<T> delegates? This would be very important to know for a possible different implementation of HOTween.

I already checked the manual and the basic delegate functions seem to be supported on all stripping levels but Func<T> and Action<T> are not explicitly mentioned.

Unfortunately I don’t have a Mac nor an Iphone Pro license so I would be grateful if someone could tell me :slight_smile:

Found the location of the micro mscorlib:


Action<T> is in that library but Func<T> is not (its in System.Core). A quick fix for that is to define the generic Func delegate yourself:

public delegate T Func<T>();

The only issue left is that Mono might have troubles building the full AOT for some generic classes (see Limitation: Generic Interface Instantiation). Maybe its even possible to test build your with --aot=full without Unity if you have the code in a separate dll but I didn’t get this to work yet.

For more info about iOS limiations see monotouch limitations

Why isn’t important stuff like that documented in the manual?