Support for updating on FixedUpdate?

I get the impression that Muse Behavior always does it’s updates during Update(). In some cases, I would prefer it to run on FixedUpdate() (because the behaviour actions need to do stuff with physics). I’d like to request this be made configurable on a per-agent or per-behavior basis if possible… or if it is already possible please let me know how! Thanks, kind regards,


Hi @Andy-Block ! It’s currently not possible. Would you like the entire graph to tick on FixedUpdate, or would you like us to expose a FixedUpdate and potentially LateUpdate methods to the nodes so all the options are called correctly? That way we can maintain certain updates in OnUpdate but others will be moved to FixedUpdate?

~ Shanee

Hi Shanee,

For my purposes, either would work fine, but I guess you are correct that supporting having multiple update actions called in a single action would be the most flexible. Hope to see it in a future version then, thanks! Kind regards,