Support options for Unity?

We are hampered by serious bugs in Unity iPhone Advanced at the point that we basically can't do any iPhone development at all. Today I noticed the bug report (case 312962) just got closed without a real answer (Unity Labs blames the problem on importing assets from very old Unity version, which is not the case). So what ARE our options? It's not that Unity Pro + Unity iPhone Advanced where dirt cheap or something. Looking at the support web site you have the community and paid support, that's it. We are just freelancing and doing it on our own budget and paying unity to solve their bugs sounds wrong (also the paid support seems about help building things, not basic software support).

Basically I'm quite happy with unity (so don't think I just want to rant), have completed a few projects in Unity Pro, but it's just we're hoping already for months to get an useful response and just don't know where to go now.

(P.S. we filed under several cases, but for 312962 I made a small test project with the problem, as the project is getting too big to submit with the bugreporter tool).


Sorry if you didn't get an answer. The case was closed because the issue had been fixed and I thought that you will get the message automatically about the fixed issue. Your problems should go away after you update Unity.

Again, sorry about that.

We are hampered by serious bugs in Unity iPhone Advanced at the point that we basically can't do any iPhone development at all

I don't understand this !!! Can you be more precise about these bugs ? What are they ?

We also found many many bugs with Unity iPhone Basic, which make the product impossible to be used in TEAM !

But I thought this was some kind of lack of the Basic version, and that with Unity Advanced with Assets Server all those troubles will be things of the past!

We are seriously think about it twice! (Upgrade to advanced) If these bugs are not away!

Our problem (mine and my friend which is a graphic/level designer) was mostly the passage of the various levels and .fbx when updated by him!

No problem when I pass him some sounds, some scripts to update his version, but when we come to the point to integrate our versions: O_o

Missing link, missing link, missing link, missing link, red pieces, black pieces in place of blue (from prefab) pieces, a real NIGHTMARE!!!

Although technically I got an answer I keep the question open for a little longer hoping I get your attention once more. I'm glad to hear the problem is fixed, but that doesn't help me now as I have no idea when the next iPhone release will be. As I think it's good practice to let the finder of the bug also test the fix I would kindly ask to get an unofficial release to test. It would help me and it would give you assurance the bug is really fixed.

To give an idea of the time I need now to get a build, we've got 8 story levels, 1 tutorial level, 20 survival levels, several helper levels. Yesterday I spend more than half a day getting a build with tutorial level and one story level and helper levels (okay, two, but the second got messed up by my import hack that it was unplayable).