Supporting Android 11 with Unity 2017.4.35f1

Hi, we have some projects published on the Google Playstore that were written in Unity2017.4.35f1, the most recent version of Unity which still supports Unityscript and the legacy GUI system which the projects heavily depend upon.

Now Google wish us to update to support Android 11 yet this doesn’t appear to be possible (or at least straight-forward) with this version of Unity, as we are getting Gradle Errors which appear to be due to a naming convention change in the newer SDK build tools that is documented here, and it appears Unity 2017 does not support customizable Gradle settings which might fix it.

Can anyone please think of a work around so that we can keep these projects up-to-date? Technically, should it not be possible to maintain these sorts of updates at an Android Studio level going forwards using Unity’s 4.6 Gradle implementation to export the project to Android Studio or are we wasting our time learning how to use it? Day one of trying to import the project we’re overwhelmed with Gradle compatibility errors:

“Deprecated Gradle features were used in this build, making it incompatible with Gradle 7.0.”

It would be great to just have a sense that this is at all possible and the best route forwards, and there aren’t simpler solutions.

may be this could help