Supporting Multi-resolutions

The everlasting problem of supporting multi-resolutions is always a concern for me when it comes to start using a new platform. I have been using other GUI alternatives on 4.5. My question here is that does the new GUI support multi-resolution, as a small test:

  • I created a button
  • Run the game
  • resized the window
  • But?

The button kept on the same size, could someone please assist me with this?


Reading the forum helps a lot. It was already mentioned numerous times that this can be achieved by adding a reference resolution component to the canvas.

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yup as Dantus said add the reference resolution component to the canvas and set your target resolution(the resolution in which you created the UI), everything should scale to look the same on different devices ;)

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Thanks guys for the help,

I have searched the fourm for this but I couldn’t find it. Anyhow my apologies for diplucation