Suppressing 3ds max not supported on Mac

I have the 3ds max folder in assets, but is it possible to have the usual warning message not show up on Mac every time assets are added or changed?

3ds ‘.max’ file importing is not supported on OS X.
Please export to FBX in 3ds Max instead.

Hello !

You are getting this error since there is no 3DSMax release for macOS. So basically the .max format is not supported on macs.

What unity does when it sees a .max file is the following; it checks for 3dsmax runtime (for 3 minutes). If 3ds max is running, Unity will push the .max file to 3DSMax so that it discretely converts the .max file to .fbx and sends it back to Unity. So without 3DSMax on macOS, you will be getting this error (can’t convert max to fbx).

To avoid getting this error while using macOS, I suggest you export all your .max files to formats recognized by the system such as .fbx or .obj, etc.

Cheers !