SupremaShip - Team up with your allies and shoot those red shiny things!

Help your allies destroy the enemy mothership in SupremaShip

A game about teamwork and shooting a lot of shiny red things.
In SupremaShip...

You can be one of 7 ships with their own unique abilities... if you're skilled enough

You can fire big fat nukes... when you have them

You can enjoy slllooooowww mmmoootioonnnn

You can choose one of 3 formations at any time

You can reorganize your allies in a formation... when you deserve

You can ask them to shoot a ship with a giant shield that reflects bullets and shoots TWO lasers... when you deserve

And more to come!

It's a single-player 2D top-down space shooter with emphasis on teamwork, meaning you won't be able to beat it on your own.

Currently only available on Windows.

You can playtest it at:

You can join the Discord for live updates on dev related stuff:

Original post:

SupremaShip can finally be beaten!

How? One of the motherships has to be destroyed.


  • Lose, win and true ending can be triggered. The true ending is unfinished, however...
  • Synergy bonus, ally ships have their stats improved the more allies are closer to them
  • Better fonts, not final, though
  • Nukes explode without damaging anything if their owner dies
  • Nuke notifiers are the color of the nuke they belong to

  • AI ships react to nuke explosions

  • Nuke explosions now have a shockwave
  • Nukes kill you more slowly
  • Different explosions have different knockback forces
  • Leveling up creates a shockwave

  • Ships can only be stunned for a certain ammount of time, instead of being stunned based on their angular velocity
  • Calling for help when an enemy attacks you now works as intented. AI does this as well

  • AI attacks the mothership as intended... almost
  • Added "spaceshipwrecks"

  • Chromatic aberration toggle in the Display settings menu
  • FPS toggle, click on it whenever the game is on the main menu or paused
  • Auto upgrade toggle

  • Afterlife camera tracking

  • Laser hits friendly mines

  • Laser ricochets off of shields

  • Missiles ricochet off of shields

  • The Healer can be fully healed by a health powerup
  • You can respawn as any ship when the difficulty is high enough
  • Improved XP system, it takes more XP the higher your honor
  • Honor 3 SupremaShips have a special sprite combination

  • Iterated on powerup drops
  • Iterated on the game's difficulty
  • Iterated on the game's UI
  • Improved XP orb behavior

  • Improved camera shake
  • Improved sound design
  • Improved slow motion handling
  • Improved the way the Lev-Y uses its special ability

  • Decreased the Bomber's bomb defusing time
  • Decreased frequency in which Scouts use their special ability _____________________________________________________________________________


  • True ending
  • Better menus
  • Better music
  • In-game tutorial
  • Intro cutscene
  • Credits
  • Statistics
  • Contact
  • Achievements
  • More screen resolutions _____________________________________________________________________________

Playtest it at:

Hope you like it! :)