Surfacebook stylus works in the editor builds but not the standalone builds

When running from the Unity editor the surface book stylus works fine. When run as a standalone the stylus clicks do not work. The call IPointerClickHandler.OnPointerClick is not getting called when clicked by the stylus, the touche or mouse clicks work fine. The stylus is recognized when passing over buttons I can see the button change highlight, but nothing happens when the button is clicked by the stylus. Does anyone have a solution to this problem or know what’s happening ?

It’s a problem with Microsoft’s Pen APIs not being included in standalone builds.

If you build to a Universal Windows 10 app, the pen will work fine. The other option is to have a background app running to tell unity when the pen touches the screen

After looking into it. It wasn’t worth the effort to convert to Windows 10 and not sure if everything would still run under Windows 10.