Surgeon simulator type game

I have a pretty funny Idea for a ridiculous game that I might be able to impress some people with, but i’m not exactly sure how to make it. The game plays like surgeon simulator 2013 in that you move around with your hand and if you move in a certain direction, the camera follows slightly. my questions for this are; how do you get the hand to be attached to the cursor and the camera follows in the way SS 2013 does. Also, the whole hand situation as well, if you click down, your hand moves down and you press q,w,e,r,g to move the fingers. I’m not particularly new to Unity, but I’ve never made a game like this before, so your answers are appreciated! Thanks.

Hello cyanide.
I was planning on working on a game also based upon the mechanics of ss 2013. I know how to make some of the mechanics. if you want i could help you with the part i know and then we couldt figure the rest out together. If you want you can contact me on my skype: ande134a.