[Survey] - help us prioritize multiplayer focus

Hello everyone!

I’m David Salgado, a member of the Unity Multiplayer team. We’re working on our next wave of focus areas and would LOVE to hear from you about what you are building and how we can help.

When you have 5mins please help us by filling out this survey to better understand your needs and use cases. We want to make sure we’re investing in the right areas, and that we have a good understanding of your benchmarks/requirements.


DavidS on behalf of the multiplayer team


last page dont work

checking, thanks!

It would be very helpful if some of the concepts were explained.
I searched "dormancy based networking" in relation to the interest management question and get zero results on google.

hello everyone!
my is about dev a game with 2 game modes, when the focus it's in a half themself. wherever, all mecanicas can be made on single player game. so ,if I finish a single player will be more hardly to implement a online game (with photon for exemple)?