Survey - How do you use Unity's animation tools?

Hello everyone,

We want to know how you use Unity's animation tools! Please fill out this short survey if you are interested in adding to our library of user workflows and helping Unity better understand and make decisions that best serve our users.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced user, whether you have a common or niche use case - we welcome all perspectives and inputs! We look forward in hearing how your use cases.

The survey will stay open until September 1st, 2023. For any questions or feedback regarding our animation tooling please refer to this post instead. Thanks!

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Unity offers developers a powerful set of animation tools, enabling them to craft dynamic and engaging animations for games and other applications. To gain insight into how developers utilize Unity's animation tools, conduct a survey with questions designed to uncover their workflows and experiences - here is an example survey with questions you could use:

  1. Are You Familiar With Unity's Animation Tools?

  2. Can you explain what projects Unity's animation tools have been utilized for? Ultimately,

Game development, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Animated storytelling and Other applications may fall within these areas.
3. Which Unity components do you mainly rely on when animating content?

  1. What steps can be taken to create animations in Unity? 4.1 (animator window, timeline timeline timeline mechanim and mechanism).

  2. Do you use third-party animation tools or assets alongside Unity's animation tools? For instance, are third-party tools or assets integrated with its animation features? If yes, please explain.

  3. What are some common challenges involved in using Unity's animation tools?

  4. What specific features or improvements would you like to see implemented into Unity's animation tools in the near future?

  5. Have any tips or best practices regarding using Unity's animation tools that you would be willing to share with other developers?

  6. How important is animation to your Unity projects on a scale from one to ten with one being no importance and 10 being very significant?

  7. Are you curious to expand your animation tools skills using Unity? Would workshops or tutorials help?

Yes No 11.1 Are you willing to participate in user testing and provide feedback for Unity's animation tools in the future?

Yes / No = 12. Optional : Please provide your email if you would like to be contacted later for follow-up questions or future surveys or tests related to Unity's animation tools.

Make sure that you analyze survey responses carefully in order to gain insights into how developers utilize Unity's animation tools, their pain points and suggestions for improvement. This data can provide invaluable information both for individual Unity developers as well as the Unity development team in improving animation tools and resources available.

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This is a disappointing survey. At first I thought @madmationstudio was just copying the survey but once I saw the actual survey you linked, I agree with a lot of their reformulated questions.

I use the standard Unity animation features as little as possible, because they haven’t matured in the way they need to mature, to make solid production games. Playables and Timeline are a half-finished, half-broken system. The part I have used the most is the Animator, but it has a TON of usability issues and I far prefer a code approach, so I use third-party tools like Animancer and uMotion a lot more.

Unity needs to know what people WANT, not what they USE, because they won’t use what is insufficient. It feels like Unity doesn’t like to fix or finish things, they just replace them with new systems that start the maturity curve from the beginning again.

Yeah, I don't understand the survey. Maybe they want to see if people still use the legacy animation? (but then again, don't they have analytics for that?)

You ask how often we use certain animation features but then you don't ask why? Do I not use Timeline because I don't do a lot of cutscenes, or do I not use it because it sucks and we had to create our own replacement for it?

Also the first reply here looks AI generated, but somehow seems like a basis for a more solid survey.

Unity is a very large organization, so they end up with a bunch of people not knowing exactly what they should do to fill their time. So, after a bunch of meetings, they come up with these grand plans that look great on paper and might even get them a promotion. In reality, this will end up in a manager’s inbox in 3/4 months with a shiny report and will be instantly shoved and they’ll move on to the next “project”.

For mobile games it might be interesting to add support for alternating animation frames (update animation every frame close by, and skipping X amount of frames the further they get from the camera).
I tried adding this to the regular animator, but calling Animator.Update manually makes the animations run in serial instead of parralel jobs

That makes sense.

Yep, especially since a lot of phones have 120hz screens and there is increasing expectation for games to run at high framerates, being able to update the animator at 120 → 60 → 30 → even less hz depending on LOD level would be great.

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Going to close it since it states it will close Sept 1st. Though I must agree with some of the other posts, the survey doesn't really ask anything about "animation". It doesn't even specify which animation tools.