Survival Shooter Graphic Problem on iPhone 6

Hello everyone.

I’m learning the Project Survival Shooter on Unity Website. Everything works perfectly on my MAC. So, I try to do an extended assignment porting the project to iPhone with two virtual joysticks. everything works fine for me. However, there are some problem with rendering on my iPhone 6.

First, There are some yellow glow on the floor, This is a screenshot from my iPhone 6:

Second, My gun fire line render has no color (I’m sure that I’ve picked up the color in Line Rendering Material):

Does anyone try Survival Shooter on iOS or know how to fix that ?

Thank you for reading.

Mobile graphics have different shader requirements than desktop. These are both likely because you are using desktop shaders. Look at the meshes in the scene and make sure the materials are all using a Mobile friendly shader. For instance, your gun fire line needs to probably use Mobile → Unlit.