Survival Shooter Phase 4 - Enemy not homing


Going through the Survival Shooter Tutorial and I got as far as adding the first enemy.
At the end of the tutorial the Zombunny is supposed to be homing in on the player, but instead it goes to the initial player position and stays there. I can push it around and it will just go back to the same position. I have gone through the tutorial three times trying to find if I missed anything and checked the “Upgrade to 5” notes. (Running Unity 5.1.4f1.)

It seems it only goes through the Update once or the player.position is not getting updated somehow.
Either that or the Nav Mesh Agent doesn’t receive the updated target position.

Any suggestions?

Ok, now the weird part:
Today I load the project up, push play and it works.

I did save the scripts and the scene yesterday and it was still behaving as described above.
Today I load it up and suddenly the Zombunny is homing in on the player exactly as it should.

Unless this is a reoccurring issue, I guess this query can be closed.