Survival Shooter: Zombear.fbx and Zombear.fbx.meta missing

The Survival Shooter tutorial is missing the Zombear.fbx and Zombear.fbx.meta files. Even the completed game that is included with the tutorial doesn’t have them. I tried to download them from GitHub but they are missing the Idle, Death, and Moving animations. If anyone has the complete files, please post the link here.

What I suggest is that you go to the asset store and redownload everything. Make sure that you click the box that says all or something like that. If it doesn’t work that way then I don’t know what your problem could be. But that would be my suggestion.

Thanks for the suggestion but I tried that already. They have added the Zombear.fbx and Zombear.fbx.meta to the project but from the image below, you can see that their completed project is missing the animations for IDLE, DEATH, and MOVE for the zombear.

In my game, the zombear appears but when I kill him, he just stands there idly without disappearing.