SVN and missing materials/meshes and so on...


We are using SVN for work in team and we have some issues like: we make “Commit” and another member of our team make “Update” and on his PC there are no references between model and materials or meshes, or even several scenes have missing Materials and Meshes even though all files are up to date and so on.

We set up external subversion, we commit all .meta files and update the Library folder.

What do we do wrong? Have you any suggestions ?


I think you forgot or skipped to commit “.meta” files of your prefabs or scripts etc., The meta file consists of “guid:xxxxxx” which is used to link the things between objects and their corresponding things. If you didn’t commit or deleted the meta files unity will generate one for you with different guid. Which will mess up the linking process and you will end up with missing reference other kind of missing issues.

SO my advice is just commit the original meta file which is generated when you create something.

I think it will solve your issue.

I know its too late but i think it will be helpful for the people who are looking to solve this type of issue.