SVN Update problem


I have a problem when committing files through svnxApp. When trying to take an update the assets are not getting updated within projects and all the meshes and materials are missing within the scene.

Please if anyone knows solution for this problem, post it as soon as possible. Thanks in Advance.

It would seem like you didn't add your Library directory to subversion, as what you describe is what would happen if the references had gotten lost. Can you verify?

As a note: since the Library directory is all binary files, do not expect to be able to branch, merge or share the repository with someone else.

Subversion support is a pro only feature. You can version control your scripts with svn, but not your other assets like models, materials, etc.

Did you activate subversion support for your project?

Thanks for the quick response. I am using the Unity Indie version and have configured Subversion correctly but I don't see any Subversion activation settings.

Same problems here, several scenes have missing Materials and Meshes even though all files are up to date.

We set up external subversion, we commit all .meta files and update the Library folder. We used the Unity AssetServer before and everything worked well but we had to switch to an external subversion to have everything (Unity project, servers, ..) under one version control.

Anyways, someone has any suggestions?