Swapping out models on a skeleton?

I’m making a third person RPG and I want armor the player equips to make a visual difference. Problem is the armor would be a different model then the one that the current skeleton (which has been important from a 3d modeling program) is attached to. How would you make a skeleton have a different model for the head, arms, body, etc and still swap them out and animate them?

Hi, you can use separated parts of the armor as individuals *.FBX (You can make that in the 3d program), the principal fact is that the parts are using the same skeletal component in the 3d program to deform the mesh (Flexibility, bending, etc.) then use a script to put every piece of armor in they corresponding place, and make an array, list or dictionary that can keep the different types of armor so you can select that particular piece (You can make a group of helmets, gloves, boots, etc.), this way you can change the armor part any time you want, hopes this help.