swapping skinned mesh objects


im trying to make a character customization system for an MMO,
basically what i want is that you press a GUI button which then changes your hair(or nose, or pants e.d) to the next type.

the way i did this was by instantiating a new game object of the next hair type, and then destroying the previous hair type.

this used to work with a simple stand-in model, but recently i changed my model to an actual skinned model which has a skinned mesh render.

the problem now is that i cant set or change the position of any skinned mesh, not in the editor, and not by code.

so im instantiating it, but its not in the right position and i cant move it because its attached to a bone, any idea on how to solve this ?

Thats because for some reason skinned mesh system fixes your objects position to whatever you had the center in in blender. If you change the center in blender, that will change the position.