swimming script required

hello i dont know how to make scripts as i am very knew to unity, could someone please give me a script to use for swimmig. Thanks in advance

There are a bunch of ways to do it. You also need some animation files for your object to be animated. Animation can be done in external programs like 3ds max, maya or blender (these have steep learning curve, BTW). Recently, iclone now supports Unity. It is a program for real-time animation and it’s really easy. Take a look.

Bottom line, you need to learn how the Unity Editor works. A bunch of tutorials are available (I learned it via YouTube). I’m not a programmer myself, but you only need to know how will your game’s assets work and look (or ask) for scripts to make them happen.

Thanks for this, ive tried using blender but still not very good at it. Ill try out the iclone and see how that goes.

Thanks again for the help