SwipeControl package error in unity iPhone 1.7

Hello, I have a problem with the swipecontrol.unitypackage file, and i do not know how to upload it ... I find it in this link : link text My big problem is that as a matter swipecontrol package ,14 errors displayed without any sense ... please help me to find The answer :( thanks you

Erreurs: 1- Assets/Script/SwipeControl.js(221,25): BCE0043: Unexpected token: }. 2-Assets/Script/SwipeControl.js(222,31): UCE0001: ';' expected. Insert a semicolon at the end. 3-Assets/Plugins/SwipeControl.js(180,29): BCE0044: expecting (, found 'UNITY_IPHONE'. 4-Assets/Plugins/SwipeControl.js(235,9): BCE0043: Unexpected token: if.

If you buy it on http://gameassets.net/ instead of downloading a pirated copy you will find that the full thing includes different versions for Unity iPhone 1.7 and Unity 3.0…