Switch between maps - to teleport a character


I does anybody know how to change world map to another in the game?
i found a tutorial only for Unreal Engine - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Change Map via Blueprint (Simple) - YouTube

It is a kind a teleport. One map to another.

Thnaks for any help!


You can use Scene Manager or Application.LoadLevel

Use Scene Manager or Application.LoadLevel

What you’re asking for is a Scene transition: Loading up a new Scene (and throwing out the old one), and making sure everything that needs to be preserved between scenes gets preserved the way it needs to be.

The SceneManager class has a few static functions you can use for loading a new scene. For moving the player over, you’ll likely want to look into DontDestroyOnLoad.

This tutorial has some good bits on loading scenes, and this one has a few more good bits about preserving objects between scenes.