Switch-Case Statements and stateInfo.fullPathHash

Hi, I’m trying to use the switch statement combine with stateInfo.fullPathHash to define the cases

but for each case the console give this “error CS0150: A constant value is expected”

 using UnityEngine;
 using System.Collections;
 public class V_anim : MonoBehaviour {
 private Animator anim;
 private AnimatorStateInfo currentBaseState;
 static int Idle_SState = Animator.StringToHash ("Base Layer.Idle_Start");
 static int Idle_LState = Animator.StringToHash ("Base Layer.Idle_Loop");
 void Start () 
         anim = GetComponent<Animator> ();
         if (anim.layerCount == 2)
         anim.SetLayerWeight (1,1);
 void FixedUpdate ()
 void AnimDebugger()
     AnimatorStateInfo stateInfo = anim.GetCurrentAnimatorStateInfo (0);
     switch (stateInfo.fullPathHash) 
             case Idle_SState:
                 Debug.Log ("Idle_SState Running");
             case Idle_LState:
                 Debug.Log("Idle_SState Running");
                 Debug.Log("stateInfo.fullPathHash Variable Out of Range");

Just to clarify:

My final goal is not to use the Debug, I just use it to test my logic before using in a proper way,

Since I’m learning program yet, I didnt use any design patterns in the code, so sorry if its became confuse in anyway.

The error says that the value should be a constant but the “case” variable is declared as “Static Int” so I dont really understand why I cant use it.

I’m expecting some simple answer about it, I few like my lack of experience is sabotaging me.

I searched for the error and found that C# doesnt work like javascript, so I cant use variable as the case condition, next time I will search more about the error instead assuming wrongly what it means.