Switch holding hand when reload weapon

Hi everyone!
I have recently come across issue of changing “holding” hands while reloading weapon (from right to left and then back). I need to have weapon as child of right hand. What is the best way to do such thing?

I cannot find way to do such thing only with animations so other aprroach that come in my mind is to temporary switch parent of weapon from right hand to left hand.

Do you have any idea how to solve it diferently or script approach is just fine?


Hmm, I mean, I’d probably do it through code and just change the parent when the other hand is brought over but I haven’t messed around with Unity’s animation system a whole lot, so I don’t know how complex it would be to try to get it with just animations. You can add events to animations though (unless they are imported animations). Perhaps make an event that calls some code to change the parent and do the rest with animations? I dunno. Just throwing my thoughts at you hah. I don’t quite know what your whole animation requires.