Switch Out Particle Systems

Hi, all!

Working with the Legacy Particle Systems, is there a way I can switch out different particle systems on one object? The reason I ask this is because Legacy systems are broken up into 3 parts. Plus, I can’t save JUST a particle system as a prefab.

Really, I just want to change the particle Animators, but that isn’t working either.

Any tips?

Thanks! - YA

You never specified if you wanted it to “lerp” into the next legacy particle system. But if you just want it to switch, simply attach your particle systems to empty gameOjbects THEN save them as prefabs and use

var particle1 : Transform;
var particle2 : Transform;
var nextParticle : Transform = Instantiate(particle2, transform.position, Quaternion.identity);
nextParticle.parent = transform;

to add in the next particle system and make it a child object.