switch platform error


When the Platform was selected to WebPlayer, everything worked perfectly fine and I could built and release the project.

However, when the Platform got switched to anything else,
unknown errors appeared and I don’t know how to fix them.

When I tried to comment out every codes with errors,
it seems that the causes are from files with non-English letters such as
// パスのxmlファイルをTextAssetとして読み込む

When I tried saving it in Unicode, either one of these came up.
Assets/Plugins/cMonkeys/cInput.cs(2,0): error CS1024: Wrong preprocessor directive
Assets/Plugins/cMonkeys/cInput.cs(1199,68): error CS1012: Too many characters in character literal

The problem kind of got solved.
The problem wasn’t with the codes, but with how Mono saved the files.
For some reason, if a file contain letters beside standard English,
it needed to be saved in UTF8 with Bom.
However, MonoDevelop cannot do this internally,
So I used notepad++ to save the file instead.
Then, it work properly.