Switch platform is extremely slow

I’m working on an Android app with a lot of big texture. And when I switch platform from standalone to Android, it’s REALLY long to make the switch. I don’t understand why he need to recompress the texture.

Is there a way to keep both standalone and Android compressed texture cached in some ways? So when I’m switching platform it doesn’t need to recompress everything.

I’ll need to make a iOS version soon and I can’t imagine losing so much time for switching platform.

If I can’t find any solutions, I think I’ll just mirror all my project files.

Ok I found a work around other that copying all the assets folder.

Before switching platform I rename my Library folder, and I keep one for each platform and I don’t have to recompress everything.

But I hope there’s another solution :slight_smile:

I can think of two things:

  1. Get Pro - buy a team license and use Asset Cache Server.
  2. Make two copies of the project, set one to standalone and the other to Droid. Have a file sync utility keep them up to date.