Switch Vector3 direction

Hello, how can I make this script to switch the direction of its rotation on a random amount of time?

function RotateAroundPlayer () { 	
	var SwitchDirection = 1; 	
	transform.RotateAround(Player.position, Vector3(0,SwitchDirection,0), RotateAroundSpeed * Time.smoothDeltaTime); 	

You can change the direction of rotation inverting the speed signal. To have a random time, use Random.Range(min, max) - it generates a random value between min and max. The routine RotateAroundPlayer must be called in Update:

var timeToChange: float = 0;
var minTime: float = 1; // min time to revert direction
var maxTime: float = 5; // max time to revert direction
private var direction: float = 1;

function RotateAroundPlayer () {
    if (Time.time > timeToChange){
        timeToChange = Time.time + Random.Range(minTime, maxTime);
        direction = -direction;
    transform.RotateAround(Player.position, Vector3.up, direction * RotateAroundSpeed * Time.deltaTime); 	

It’s better to use Time.deltaTime instead of Time.smoothDeltaTime - despite what its name suggests, smoothDeltaTime can produce a jittery movement in this case.