Switching a 3D project to 2D

Hi everyone,

Sorry if my question looks dumb, I can’t find an precise answer by myself (also sorry for the english mistakes, it’s not my native language).

I am wondering if it’s OK to switch my 3D project into a 2D project by changing the Default Behavior Mode on the Editor Setting and replacing Colliders, Rigidbodies and OnTrigger functions to their 2D equivalents.

I began a project on 3D mode with a 2D gameplay and set the Z scale to 0.05f to have sprite-like objects (basic objects like spheres), but now the project is getting serious and I’d like to spare useless 3D calculations.

So here are my questions, should I start a new 2D project and refactor my game or can I just change the Editor Settings and replace 3D components by their 2D equivalents ? Do I risk performance issues if I change the mode and replace the components ? What does it involves in the back yard?

(I’m on Unity 4.5 btw)

Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

2d physics is very different from 3d physics .
you cannot mix both of this in your game play
however if you have used 2d sprites with 3d components it will work fine
if you want to replace entire 3d component into 2d it will work but your script will change accordingly.

I dont think so there will be any performance issue in either case

Thanks for the information.
I replaced all the 3d components and I didn’t find any performance issue.