Switching an object's camera to a prefab camera

I’m developing a game that consists of different ‘areas’. Each area has it’s own prefab, and is meant to have a different look.
I’m achieving the different look by having different camera settings per area. So in the prefab of each area I also store a camera with the desired settings.
What I’m trying to do is to switch the player camera’s camera component to the camera component of the camera in the prefab. However I’m not having any luck, with the below code.

Camera currentCamera = playerCam.GetComponent<Camera>();
currentCamera = nextLevel.transform.Find("LevelCamera").GetComponent<Camera>();  

Does anyone have any ideas? The camera simply remains the exact same, the level camera is not applied, and there are no errors in the debugger.

I have done everything I needed to do. The trick is a Camera class function, CopyFrom().


It takes a Camera as an argument, and copies all the settings from that Camera to the Camera that it is invoked upon.
Be aware that it also copies the transform of the camera being copied. I didn’t want this behaviour so wound up saving, then restoring my Camera’s transform.