Switching between animations

Hi, I’m terribly stumped… I’m trying to make simple actions for my character
walk, run, idle, jump… I’ve imported my rigged and animated character from blender.
It has a controller so when I hit play, it moves correctly… My trouble now is that I can’t get the animations to match up with the correct keys… exp, when I hit the space bar the player moves up but doesn’t perform the jump animation. When i do play and hit the arrow key it plays through all the animations I made, instead of playing the right ones that correspond to the key i hit, like jump… I’ve done all the frame stuff, none of the tutorials I’ve tried work, Idk what to do


Start here:


If you still don’t know what to do, come back and ask a specific question about the problem you’re having- because based on the question you’ve asked it looks more like you dove into it without reading how to do it first :slight_smile: