Switching between cameras by C# with animation.

Can I make switching between 2 cameras with basic animation like floating using C#?

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I never had to use it, but i think you need to make a script in a GameObject that is not a camera to controll the cameras. Disable the camera 1 and enable camera 2,

You will find the solution explained in this other post

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hello , controlling cameras from a script is an obsolete technique since Unity released Cinemachine

if you are desperately bounded to change camera view from script, i suggest creating 2 empty game objects for positions and Lerp camera transform from one to other.
but i highly recommend using Cinemachine.
there are a lot of tutorials about cinemachine already . give a shoot. if you need further help just ask it.

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Hi. You better make them change without animation. Everything you need to do is to enable and disable camera. You put 2 cameras in scene and deactivate one. in script you say something like this

public Camera cam1;
public Camera.cam2;
void Start() 
cam1.enabled = true;
cam2.enabled = false;//or Setactive i forgot that 
void Update() {
cam2.enabled = true;//or cam2.SetActive(true); 
cam1.enabled = false;//or cam1.SetActive(false); i forgot
cam1.enabled = true;//or cam2.SetActive(true); 
cam2.enabled = false;//or cam1.SetActive(false); i forgot