Switching between polyspatial and fully immersive mode

Our app design has the user start in an AR lobby and then transition to the main game that’s full VR. Is it possible to build our app so that the beginning AR portion uses polyspatial with it’s AR capabilities and then load into a full VR app that’s built with the normal unity toolkit?

We don’t need any AR capability, camera access or polyspatial features for the fully immersive/VR portion of the game.

We want to build an app that starts with an AR/polyspatial section that then loads a fully immersive app with the more advanced graphics capability that polyspatial isn;t capable of. Is this possible?

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Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. This is something we are interested in enabling in a future release, but there is no specific timeline for when this will be possible. Please feel free to submit this as an “idea” on our public roadmap so we can consider it alongside other potential improvements.

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