Switching editor versions for a project in progress

I've started a personal project in Unity a few months ago on a Windows laptop. The project's current Editor version is 2020.3.38f1, which is obviously pretty outdated. I've been working on a windows for a while, but I want to be able to edit the project on my Macbook Air as well, so the new Editor version needs to be able to work with MacOS and Windows without any emulators or stuff like that. I would also prefer for the new Version to be as up to date as possible, while also being as stable as possible, without fatal bugs, etc. All I need to know is a version of Unity Editor that meets these requirements. Thanks.

There are two possible answers:

  • pick any version you like
  • 6000.0.0b13 (as of today)

If in doubt, prefer the latest LTS release.