Switching from isKinematic using a ragdoll. Ragdoll does not receive impact.



Currently I’m using a ragdoll where all children are set to isKinematic. I have a physical projectile impact the object and set the ragdoll components to isKinematic==false.

The projectile moves to fast to give the rigidbodies the impact that occurred when switching to isKinematic==false;

What is the best way to store the impact point, impact force direction, and impact force so I can recreate the collision the next frame after isKinematic is false.

Please let me know if you need any information I forgot. Thanks in advance!

The most common way to achieve this is to use a RAYCAST.
Searching for “projectile raycast” should put you on the right track, whereas you -predict- where the projectile will be (or was) and use its physical characteristics to perform the desired impact.