Switching from light to another still keeps area with old light

Okay so here is my deal (don’t know if this will even be seen, but oh well), I am currently working on a game were there is a day and night cycle. Where ever I start with the day or night, that will be baked in already. To clarify even more, when I start in the day and night comes around, everything is still light up except the ground; Night will be dark if started that way but the day will still be dark. Is there something I need to do with my script or in unity. Thanks for the help in advanced, sorry if this is a dumb question I am a semi beginner with it.

Here is the problem in the picture:

here is my script.
var cyclemins : float;
var cyclecalc : float’

cyclemins = 2;
cyclecalc = 0.1/cyclemins *-1;

function Update () {
	transform.Rotate(0, 0, cyclecalc, Space.World);

I don’t know what your script does right now so it’s difficult to tell you what to fix. I don’t know a lot about lighting but from your description, you are using two different light sources for your night/day cycle. Assuming there is a horizon and moving sun/moon, I would make it so that when the sun is under the horizon (not visible) that the sun light source object would be destroyed. And the same for the moon. You should check out the beginning of Brakey’s youtube roll-a-ball series to learn about lighting a bit more. That’s how I did.