Switching Platform to Android creates script errors

I have been running my game, (destined for Android) on my PC up until now. But I finally decided to go Build Settings>click on Android>Switch Platform. After reimporting tons of assets, it racks up 358 script errors, plus some warnings.

They are almost all either

BCE0005 ‘randomVar’ is not a member of ‘UnityEngine.Collider’ or

BCE0019 Unknown identifier: ‘finalTorque’

I can’t go through all 358 of course, but is there something I’m doing wrong? I think all of my scripts are affected by this, so I’m pretty sure there’s just something I’m not doing right.

Dynamic Typing? Something missing at the top of my scripts? Do I need #pragma strict or something?

Please help! I’m stuck right now.


motorTorque in member of WheelCollider not Collider

I have same pRoblem it’s ok in pc build, but when switched to Android it’s shows an errors. Did you sort it out…it’s doing my head in!!!
,I have same pRoblem it’s find in pc build, when I switch to android it’s shows errors…did you work it out?

Yes i had same problem. I bought game from asset store. Couldn’t understand what was the reason that it throws like 30 errors when Switching to Android platform. In my case almost all errors were CS0246. So i find solution in https://support.unity3d.com/hc/en-us/articles/212065246-Why-does-integrating-Unity-IAP-result-in-compiler-errors-.
In-App-Purchasing was turned of. When i turned in on almost all errors solved.