Switching Several Cameras(HorrorGame)

Hey guys, my question should be simple hopefully.
I have a level done, with 5 cameras set up at different positions and angles. The best way to describe what I am going for would be like how the camera switches nice and clean like in older horror games. Silent hill for example with all the amazing angels.

So right now, I have the 5 cameras with 5 boxes for triggers to be touched by the player.
i know triggers and such are needed, but im not sure on how to write code just yet. C# or Java doesn’t matter. Either seems fine.
Any ideas? Seems simple but I just don’t know where to start!

searched other questions but i cant find any that deal with multiple cameras switching by triggers.

Other advice is welcome! whatever it takes to get it done.

Check out my profile icon! thats my character for the game, hopefully it will inspire someone to help!

So I have been thinking about this, and may have a flexible approach.

Each camera is a component or child of your trigger object. So tell the camera to enable when the trigger is entered. But then there is the problem of turning the old camera off. Just store a reference to the currently used camera, and when the trigger enables a new camera, then disable the stored one, then make sure to store a reference to the new current camera.

Here is some rough untested code to try and explain the theory. The idea then is no matter how many cameras there are, this should keep working (as long as the trigger volumes are not too close together). Adding or removing cameras and trigger volumes becomes fun, not a hassle with rewriting code =]

#pragma strict

public var currentCam : Camera;

function Start() 
	// Enable the first camera
	currentCam = Camera.allCameras[0];
	// disable all other cameras
	for ( var i:int = 1; i < Camera.allCameras.Length; i ++ )
		Camera.allCameras*.enabled = false;*
  • }*

// ----

#pragma strict

var thePlayerScript : PlayerScript;
var myCamera : Camera;

function Start()
// find myCamera (child or component of trigger object)
myCamera = transform.parent.FindChild( “Camera” ).GetComponent( Camera );

// find the Player, store reference to player script
// to use .enabled = false; when switching cameras
thePlayerScript = GameObject.FindWithTag( “Player” ).GetComponent( PlayerScript );

function OnTriggerEnter( other : Collider )
// disable current camera
thePlayerScript.currentCam.enabled = false;

// enable this camera
myCamera.enabled = true;

// assign this camera as the current camera
thePlayerScript.currentCam = myCamera;

Debug.Log( transform.parent.gameObject.name + " Triggered by " + other.gameObject.name );
Any feedback is most welcome =]