Switching Weapons

I have checked out a few first person shooter demos and when you switch weapons the arms
are distroyed and spawn with the other weapon. I am wondering how to have the arm stay and switch weapons but not have the arm deleted and then spawned again with your other gun.

Thank you and I hope you have a great day

if you want to keep the arms of being destroyed and spawned, then you would have to separate gun and arms, spawn new weapon and animate arms to hold right the new weapon.
the reason why people destroy arms and weapons is that its easier to spawn those 2 objects as 1. other way could be animate arms outside FOV destroy weapon, instantiate new one, get back the arms and new weapon to the FOV while the animation to hold the new weapon is enabled, this is going to have some one having to work some extra hours. Hours is the main reason why people tend to … keep it simple, stupid (KISS)