Symbols not found when using robterrell's TVOutManager: _CGRectGetHeight, _CGContextConcatCTM, etc

I want to make my game support TV Out, and robterrell's TVOutManager looks like a very good and simple solution. ( )

I followed the three easy steps from the instructions:

  1. Get the files TVOutManager.m and TVOutManager.h from github and add them to your project.
  2. In your app controller, add this to the other imports near the top: #import "TVOutManager.h"
  3. In your application's -applicationDidFinishLaunching: method, add this line: [[TVOutManager sharedInstance] startTVOut];

When I try to compile, I get nine symbols not found, all from TVOutManager.o

"_CGRectGetHeight" "_CGContextConcatCTM" "_CGAffineTransformScale" "_CGContextSaveGState" "_CGContextRestoreGState" "_CGContextTranslateCTM" "_CGAffineTransformRotate" "_CGRectGetWidth" "_CGAffineTransformIdentity"

What's going on?

I fixed this by adding the CoreGraphics.framework to the project.

In Xcode, right click on the 'Frameworks' folder in the Groups & Files list. Select Add -> Existing Frameworks... and select CoreGraphics.framework from the list.

Hello… on xcode, with file did you add the code [[TVOutManager sharedInstance] startTVOut];… I’m trying to do the same, but I only have the file, and I don’t really know where to put it… thank you in advance